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The name of the Group shall be the Wanstead Business Network, hereafter referred to as the “Group”. The Group shall have the status of an unincorporated not for profit organisation. The financial year shall run from 1 January to 31 December in any one year. The Group consists of friendly business owners based in and around Wanstead in East London.


2.1 Our mission is to build a vibrant community of local business owners who help each other grow


• Meeting weekly to learn about each other’s businesses and pass referrals

• Getting to know each other through regular 1-2-1 meetings• Proactively looking for business opportunities for each other

• Running regular events for the wider local business community

• Building those relationships through regular social activities

• Informing people about the Group and inviting business owners to visit

2.2 Our Values are:

2.2.1 Growth – we are here to grow both our businesses and the Group as whole. We aim to createan environment where all members feel safe to try new things, step out of their comfort zone andgrow personally.

2.2.2 Friendship – We are a friendly, inclusive Group where everyone feels welcome and can bethemselves.

2.2.3 Support – We are a Group who constantly look for ways to collaborate and work together soeveryone can achieve more.

2.2.4 Integrity – We are open, honest, and respectful and can be relied upon to do what we say weare going to do.

2.2.5 Commitment – We are dedicated to the success of the Group and demonstrate this throughregular attendance, supporting other members and regularly passing referrals.

2.2.6 Fun – Our meetings are always full of laughter, and we inject fun into everything we do.


3.1 Roles

3.1.1 The Group Leadership Team consists of four members in voluntary roles.

3.1.2 The Chair and Treasurer are supported by two other members acting in voluntary support roles.The Chair and Treasurer are ongoing roles with the two support roles elected annually. To recognise their contribution, the Chair and Treasurer are exempt from the monthly Group fees and the support roles have a 50% reduction in monthly Group fees for the duration of their tenure.

3.2 Election into a role

3.2.1 For the support role elections, the current Leadership Team will outline the focus for the coming year and the skills required for the support roles. Members will then be asked to put themselves forward for consideration.

3.2.2 To be eligible for a support role members must have been a member of the Group for one year, have maintained 75% attendance over the course of the preceding twelve months and paid all monthly fees on time as they fell due.

3.2.3 Members of the Group’s Leadership Team must not be currently involved in leading or actively promoting another local networking group local to the Wanstead area.

3.2.4 If there are multiple applications for the support roles then the Leadership Team will shortlist to4 members, based on skillset and team fit, to then be voted on by the members.3.3 Removing a Member from the Leadership Team

3.3.1 If a member of the Leadership Team is unable to continue acting in that role, they may beremoved from the role by written letter of resignation to the remaining Leadership Team members.

3.3.2 If the Leadership Team consider one of their members is unable to continue acting in that role(due to capacity, health or behaviour) they may be removed from the Leadership Team by writtenletter signed by the remaining Leadership Team members.


4.1 Joining the Group

4.1.1 We only allow one company per trade or profession to join the Group and prospective members who would like to join must fill in an application stating the business category they would like to fill.

4.1.2 We are an open, diverse and inclusive Group and will consider all applications that meet the following criteria:

4.1.3 The applicant has attended a meeting as a visitor and has been informed of and demonstrated understanding of the aims of the Group.

4.1.4 The applicant’s business does not conflict with any existing members. In the event of a potential conflict of categories, the Leadership Team will discuss with the relevant parties and make the final decision.

4.1.5 The applicant’s business has a clear link with the Wanstead (or surrounding) area.

4.1.6 The applicant owns /leads a professional, quality business which can be clearly evidenced by reviews, online presence, and references.

4.1.7 The applicant is willing and able to attend the Thursday morning breakfast meeting every weekend meet the minimum 75% attendance criteria.

4.1.8 The applicant can demonstrate how they will benefit and support the Group.

4.1.9 The applicant is willing and able to set up a monthly standing order to pay the membership fees on the 1st day of every month.

4.2 Leaving the Group

4.2.1 If a member wishes to leave the Group, they should email the Leadership Team giving notice of their intention to leave. There will be no refund of the current month fees if they wish to leave mid-month.

4.2.2 A member may be asked to leave the Group for the following reasons:

4.2.3 Non-payment or repeated late payment of fees.

4.2.4They are not meeting the 75% attendance requirement.

4.2.5 The member demonstrates behaviour that is unprofessional, inappropriate, discriminatory ordetrimental to the Group.

4.2.6 A member who leaves the Group shall not be entitled to claim any share of any funds held in theGroup bank account.


5.1 A high-level attendance is required to ensure the success of the Group.

5.2 Attendance is recorded weekly and reviewed by the Leadership Team on a quarterly basis.

5.3 There is a minimum attendance criterion of 75% and any member falling below this may be asked to leave the Group.


6.1 There is a monthly membership fee which must be paid by the member to the Group on the first day of each calendar month.

6.2 All members are required to set up a standing order to pay the fees.

6.3 A late payment fee of £10 is charged to members by the Group for any fees received into theGroup’s bank account after the 5th day of the month.

6.4 The Group is a non- profit organisation, and the monthly fee is set to only cover the cost of the weekly meetings and the running of the Group.

6.5 The monthly membership fee will be reviewed annually.

6.6 The Chair and Treasurer have access to the Group’s bank account and are jointly responsible for managing the Group accounts.

6.7 There will be a monthly Treasurers report presented to the members at the second meeting ofeach month and an annual set of accounts will be prepared and shared with the Group members.

6.8 If the Group is dissolved, then any remaining funds, once all debts/liabilities of the Group havebeen discharged will be donated to a local charity decided on by the current Leadership Team.


7.1 If a member wishes to propose an amendment to the Group’s Constitution such proposed amendment should be set out in writing to the Leadership Team and a special Group meeting will be called by the Leadership Team to vote on the proposed amendment.

7.2 Any vote made by members will be carried if a minimum of 75% of the membership vote and more than 50% of those vote to amend the Constitution.


When Do We Get Together?

Mark your calendars! We catch up every Thursday from 7:30 to 9:00 am. Pro tip: Come 15 minutes early, beat the rush, and enjoy some pre-meeting caffeine. It's the perfect way to start the day, with coffee in hand and a smile on your face!

What’s the Investment?

Joining our circle of friends in business is easy-peasy! There's no joining fee, and your first meeting is on us. After that, it's just £80 per month — a small investment for big opportunities and, of course, a hearty English breakfast complete with your choice of yummy beverages. Who can say no to networking with a side of bacon (or veggie sausages), right?

What's the Vibe Like at Meetings? 🤔☕️

Oh, you're in for a treat! Our get-togethers are the perfect blend of casual and professional. Imagine discussing business strategies one minute and your favorite Netflix series the next. It's all about getting to know the person behind the business card. So, expect a relaxed, supportive atmosphere where ideas flow as freely as the coffee!

Can I Visit Before I Decide to Join? 🕵️‍♂️👀

Absolutely, and we encourage it! We believe the best way to know if Wanstead Business Network is right for you is to experience it firsthand. Drop us a message, and we'll set you up to attend as a guest. No strings attached! It's like a test drive, but instead of a car, you're checking out awesome potential business pals and delicious breakfast!

What If I Have to Skip a Thursday Meetup? 😟

We get it, life happens! If you can't join us for coffee and convos one Thursday, no worries at all. While we'll miss your brilliant insights, we'd love for you to send a buddy in your place. They can share your wisdom, read any notes you've prepared, and ensure your sales message still sparkles in your absence! 😊And hey, if you can, please drop a quick message, email, or call to our ever-understanding Chairman or any member of our squad. We appreciate a heads-up, and it keeps our WBN family loop complete. Your courtesy means a lot and keeps our community vibe strong! 🌟

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