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Overton Dr, London E11 2LW, UK

Step Inside Success: Discover What Awaits You at Our Vibrant Wanstead Business Network Meetings!

Enjoy your first meeting on us.


When Do We Get Together?

Mark your calendars! We catch up every Thursday from 7:30 to 9:00 am. Pro tip: Come 15 minutes early, beat the rush, and enjoy some pre-meeting caffeine. It's the perfect way to start the day, with coffee in hand and a smile on your face!

What’s the Investment?

Joining our circle of friends in business is easy-peasy! There's no joining fee, and your first meeting is on us. After that, it's just £80 per month — a small investment for big opportunities and, of course, a hearty English breakfast complete with your choice of yummy beverages. Who can say no to networking with a side of bacon (or veggie sausages), right?

What's the Vibe Like at Meetings? 🤔☕️

Oh, you're in for a treat! Our get-togethers are the perfect blend of casual and professional. Imagine discussing business strategies one minute and your favorite Netflix series the next. It's all about getting to know the person behind the business card. So, expect a relaxed, supportive atmosphere where ideas flow as freely as the coffee!

Can I Visit Before I Decide to Join? 🕵️‍♂️👀

Absolutely, and we encourage it! We believe the best way to know if Wanstead Business Network is right for you is to experience it firsthand. Drop us a message, and we'll set you up to attend as a guest. No strings attached! It's like a test drive, but instead of a car, you're checking out awesome potential business pals and delicious breakfast!

What If I Have to Skip a Thursday Meetup? 😟

We get it, life happens! If you can't join us for coffee and convos one Thursday, no worries at all. While we'll miss your brilliant insights, we'd love for you to send a buddy in your place. They can share your wisdom, read any notes you've prepared, and ensure your sales message still sparkles in your absence! 😊And hey, if you can, please drop a quick message, email, or call to our ever-understanding Chairman or any member of our squad. We appreciate a heads-up, and it keeps our WBN family loop complete. Your courtesy means a lot and keeps our community vibe strong! 🌟

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