Shed the old, make way for the new!

Well the nights are drawing in and it’s getting cooler. The trees are trying their hardest to blow all their leaves off their branches – just after I’ve swept the last lot up. It does make for a pretty coloured lawn though doesn’t it. However, if not swept up and disposed of, the grass gets waterlogged and boggy and stays damp. Bit like us really if we don’t shake ourselves down.

Autumn going into Winter is the perfect time to shed the old to make way for the new. The new month, the new year, the new season.

Our central heating dial is going up, which makes our houses nice and cosy, however, plays havoc with our skin – dehydrating it and just like the trees shredding their leaves we shed dead skin all over the house – hope you like dusting and hoovering!


Now is the perfect time to dry brush a couple of mornings, before we get in the shower.

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

• Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system helps our body fight off infections – crucial that it’s working at the moment.
• Exfoliation – brushing away the dead dry cells from your skin.
• Cellulite reduction – the action of promoting lymph flow and drainage, helps the body rid itself of excess fat cells which look like ‘dimples’ on our thighs.
• Unclogs pores in our skin whilst exfoliating.
• Stimulation – of our nervous system which helps to feel invigorated and ready to start the day
• Relaxation – dry brushing can even make you feel relaxed.

So, get rid of the dead, dry skin in your shower, not all over your house.

If you don’t like dry brushing, consider using natural mineral-rich sea salt product with oils and essential oils to buff, polish and soften your skin.

The one I use and ABSOLUTELY LOVE! is Body Smooth Refreshing Polish from Tropic.

Not only is Body Smooth an incredible all-body exfoliator, it’s also ideal for use on hands, and is great for gardeners and decorators – anyone using their hands a lot in their work or hobbies, for example.

Body Smooth also makes a great leg-shaving oil. After using it to exfoliate, simply wash away the salts, then use the oils to shave your legs with.

This is my absolute favourite and if you only invest in one good skincare product at all, this is the one to get. I’ve been in skincare for over 15 years and this excels them all. My skin feels so soft, smooth and wonderfully silky after using this and the little wooden spoon helps you use the perfect amount. As for the smell – well I wish this was smelly-vision – it is divine, trust me!

So it’s only 6 more weeks til Christmas! Yay, my favourite time if year. Although this year will be very strange as we don’t even know if the shops will be open in time for Christmas shopping.

So this year, why not shop from your seat instead of your feet. Shop from the comfort of your armchair, cosy blanket over your legs and a nice warm steaming mug of hot chocolate and browse through my skincare catalogues.

Give the gift of health this year, make sure your loved ones receive beautiful clean, organic products, with no nasties in them.

I am the “Keeper of Secrets” at this time of year

If you like anything, send me your ‘wish list’ and then give your family my number to call me secretly. That way, you get what you actually want this year.

I’m happy to post catalogues out to you this week – call me on 07770 666429 to request.

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