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Tutor Doctor offers tailored 1:1 tutoring programs online and in-person to students of all ages and all subjects.

Our team believe every student is unique and everyone can learn with the right approach.
The skilled consultants and tutors we work with around Leyton and Wanstead take the time to assess each student's needs. We determine their fundamental knowledge and learning style before pairing them with someone who complements their personality and educational needs. We come directly to your home so that your child can learn from the comfort of a familiar setting and you don't have to worry about adding another location to your daily commute.

Our branch proudly services Leyton, Leytonstone, Wanstead, Aldersbrook, Cranbrook, Newham and Wanstead Flats.

You may be surprised to know that our oldest student is 84 years old - we truly cover all ages and subjects!

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Ash graduated in Electronic Engineering from UCL in 2002 and got certified by Microsoft in 2003 before embarking his professional career. He gained experience across various sectors including IT, franking, credit reporting, and retail, working with large retailers with Global Blue for over 9 years. As an International Key Account Manager, he managed luxury accounts like Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Samsonite, Versace and Richemont until 2015 and decided to have a change of career to change the trajectory of students' lives.


We begin with a Free 1.5 hour Consultation to understand your child's needs and circumstances and if tutoring is needed. We conduct academic assessments and personality assessments to identify your childs learning style and which missing building blocks are hampering your child's progress in order to formulate a tailored recommendation for success before any lessons are conducted.
Our lessons are usually short focussed 1:1 sessions delivered by an experienced tutor specifically matched to your child's personality and tailored to your requirements on any day and time of the week you want. Lessons can be held on any day of the week between 8am and 11pm.
We include interactive techniques and fun games with students who may be challenged with academic methods to make them enjoy, learn, and most importantly, start believing in themselves more. It's all tailored around you.
Does your child stay up late doing homework? Do they lose focus easily or forget when a project is due?
Academic success is not built on knowledge alone. Many students are capable of high-level learning but struggle as a result of lack of academic discipline.
Our tutoring programme includes a workbook that helps students tackle skills such as: Time Management,
Task Initiation,
Focused Attention,
Working Memory,
Long-Term Performance.
As a result, our pupils’ become well-rounded and well-prepared for success in any endeavour!

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