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  • The network whilst still relatively new has generated business for most of its members both directly from colleagues within the group and as a result of referrals. It is now commonplace to hear a member thank another for the business that if it were not for membership of the network would not have been secured.


  • The informal and friendly meetings allow each business an opportunity to make others aware of the unique and special services they provide. Opportunity is given for everyone to explain to the network the nature of their business and their needs.
  • Network colleagues in turn actively assist in helping in the promotion of their network colleagues, assisting where possible in generating leads and solid profitable business. The group also provides an excellent forum for the cross-fertilisation of business ideas. Much business is also carried out between members to a high quality befitting of such a group of high caliber expertise.
What's included
  • Weekly meetups: chaired by experts, members and friends of the club
  • Hear pitches from exciting businesses looking to raise capital
  • Special guest dinners: intimate evenings with excellent food and company
  • Speaker events: inspiration and insight from thought leaders
  • Life-changing experiences
  • Valuable introductions by our team
  • Opportunities to chair, speak and mentor
  • Access to the next generation of scale-ups


We meet each week on a Thursday morning at 7.00 am.

Venue: The Wanstead Golf Club  Overton Drive, Wanstead, London, E11 2LW

Your first meeting is free and you can then see if this would be for you and join

  • It a monthly fee of £80 includes your weekly breakfast fees
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