Financial Advice and Retirement
A change in circumstances normally requires Financial Advice

During this Pandemic a lot of people have experienced a change in circumstances, this includes working from home, looking after family, moving home, changing jobs, redundancy or early retirement.

One of my clients disliked her job for many years and wanted to retire but was not sure whether she could afford to do so. We had an in-depth look at her expenditure and what she could achieve from her savings and pensions. There was quite a lot of important decisions to make which she needed guidance on, should she take a Lump Sum, should she buy an Annuity or withdraw regularly from her Pension Pot. After going through the options she decided she could afford to retire and did. She has now decided to look for a Part-time Job in the New Year doing something she enjoys. Financially she knows exactly what her income and outgoings are and knows there is no rush. She now has financial freedom.

Do you have a financial plan? Those old Pension Policies you may have from past Employers or when you were self- employed, do you know what they are projected to provide you in the future? Are they in the right place now and are they going to provide you with sufficient income?

A change of circumstance is always a good time to have a chat with an experienced Financial Planner that can help you protect what you have and plan for you future.

Clive Lewis


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